• Myeong Hoon Han
  • Ph.D. student (MS-PhD combined course)
  • Phone : 053-785-6128



Konkuk Univ. (B.S.)

Majors: Biological Sciences


Research Projects:

Modulation of toxicity from aggregated proteins in neurodegenerative diseases


Kwon, M.J.*, Han, M.H.*, Bagley, J.A., Hyeon, D.Y., Ko, B.S., Lee, Y.M., Cha, I.J., Kim, S.Y., Kim, D.Y., Kim, H.M., Hwang, D., Lee, S.B., and Jan, Y.N. (2018) Coiled-coil structure-dependent interactions between polyQ proteins and Foxo lead to dendrite pathology and behavioral defects. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. pii: 201807206. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1807206115. (*: co-first author). * Selected for F1000 prime: * Selected for BRIC 한빛사 논문/ 추천논문: * BRIC 한빛사 interview: * Highlighted in the "In this issue" section:

Chung, C.G.*, Kwon, M.J.*, Jeon, K.H.*, Hyeon, D.Y.*, Han, M.H., Park, J.H., Cha, I.J., Cho, J.H., Kim, K., Rho, S., Kim, G.R., Jeong, H., Lee, J.W., Kim, T., Kim, K., Kim, K.P., Ehlers, M.D., Hwang, D., and Lee, S.B. (2017)  Golgi outpost synthesis impaired by toxic polyglutamine proteins contributes to dendritic pathology in neurons. Cell Reports 20:356-369. (*: co-first author) * Selected for F1000 prime: * Selected for BRIC 한빛사 추천논문:

Kwon, M.J., Kim, S., Han, M.H., and Lee, S.B. (2016) Epigenetic changes in neurodegenerative diseases. Mol. Cells 39:783-789.

Honors & Awards:

2019 8th BCSSS Presentation Award

2018 DGIST BCS 2018 Outstanding Paper Award for Excellence

2018 BRIC 한국을 빛내는 사람들 Interview

2018 KDRC Best Poster Award, Korean Society for Drosophila