• Keun Hye Jeon, M.D./M.S.
  • Researcher (2012~2015)



Medical Doctor (Ewha Womans University, School of Medicine)

Biology M.S. (KAIST)

Medical Science M.S. (Ewha Womans University, School of Medicine)


Research Projects:

Cellular basis of neurodegenerative diseases including PolyQ diseases



Chung, C.G.*, Kwon, M.J.*, Jeon, K.H.*, Hyeon, D.Y.*, Han, M.H., Park, J.H., Cha, I.J., Cho, J.H., Kim, K., Rho, S., Kim, G.R., Jeong, H., Lee, J.W., Kim, T., Kim, K., Kim, K.P., Ehlers, M.D., Hwang, D., and Lee, S.B. (2017)  Golgi outpost synthesis impaired by toxic polyglutamine proteins contributes to dendritic pathology in neurons. Cell Reports 20:356-369. (*: co-first author) * Selected for F1000 prime: * Selected for BRIC 한빛사 추천논문:

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