• Chang Geon Chung, Ph.D.
  • Ph.D. 2012-2021



Illinois Wesleyan University (B.S.)

Major: Psychology


Major: Brain & Cognitive Sciences


Research Projects:

Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying early neuropathy of neurodegenerative diseases and aging



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Chung, C.G., and Lee. S.B. (2014) Regulation of Mitochondrial Calcium through the MCU complex. KSMCB Webzine (

Honors & Awards:

2021 Best Presentation Award at the YSP of 2021 KSBMB

2021 Selected as a speaker at the Young Scientist Program (YSP) of 2021 KSBMB

2020 Granted for domestic Post-doc training supported by Korean government

2017 DGIST outstanding researcher award

Thesis title:

Characterization of the role of Golgi outposts in dendritic pathology caused by polyglutamine toxicity in neurons