• Davin Lee
  • Ph.D. student (MS-PhD combined course)
  • Phone : 053-785-6128



Rutgers University (B.S.)

Major Psychology, Minor Russian

Research Projects:

Modulation of toxicity from aggregated proteins in neurodegenerative diseases


Lee, D.*, Seo, J.*, Jeong, H.C., Lee, H.*, and Lee, S.B. (2021) The perspectives of early diagnosis of Schizophrenia through the detection of epigenomics-based biomarkes in iPSC-derived neurons. Front. Mol. Neurosci. 14:756613 doi: 10.3389/fnmol.2021.756613. (*: co-first author).

Park, J.H.*, Chung, C.G.*, Park, S.S., Lee, D., Kim, K.M., Jeong, Y., Kim, E.S., Cho, J.H., Jeon, Y.-M., Shen, C.J., Kim, H.-J., Hwang, D., and Lee, S.B. (2020) Cytosolic calcium regulates cytoplasmic accumulation of TDP-43 through Calpain-A and Importin a3. eLife 9:e60132. doi: 10.7554/eLife.60132. (*: co-first author).

Lee, D.*, Jo, M.G.*, Kim, S.Y.*, Chung, C.G., and Lee, S.B. (2020) Dietary antioxidants and the mitochondrial quality control: Their potential roles in Parkinson's disease treatment. Antioxidants 9:E1056. doi: 10.3390/antiox9111056(*: co-first author)

Cha, I.J.*, Lee, D.*, Park, S.S., Chung, C.G., Kim, S.Y., Jo,M.G., Kim, S.Y., Lee, B.-H., Lee, Y.-S., and Lee, S.B. (2020) Ataxin-2 dysregulation triggers a compensatory Fragile X mental retardation protein decrease in Drosophila C4da neurons. Mol. Cells 43:870-879. (*: co-first author)

Han, M.H.*, Kwon, M.J.*, Ko, B.S.*, Hyeon, D.Y., Lee, D., Kim, H.-J., Hwang, D., and Lee, S.B. (2020) NF-κB disinhibition contributes to dendrite defects in fly models of neurodegenerative diseases. J. Cell Biol. 219(12):e202004107. doi: 10.1083/jcb.202004107. (*: co-first author).

Lee, D.*, Choi, Y.H.*, Seo, J., Kim, J.K., and Lee, S.B. (2020) Discovery of new epigenomics-based biomarkers and the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases. Ageing Res. Rev. doi: 10.1016/j.arr.2020.101069. (*: co-first author) * Selected as BRIC 한빛사 논문/ 추천논문:

Lee, D.*, Lee, Y.-I.*, Lee, Y.-S., and Lee, S.B. (2020) The mechanisms of nuclear proteotoxcitiy in polyglutamine spinocerebellar ataxias. Front. Neurosci. (*: co-first author)

Honors & Awards:

2020 DGIST BCS 2020 Outstanding Paper Award for Excellence

2019 8th BCSSS Best Poster Award